Understanding the Different Types of Auto Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts in LouisianaExternal link opens in new tab or windowAuto lifts are special machines that help people with mobility issues transport their scooters, wheelchairs, and power chairs. When buying them, it's essential to learn about their different types so you can pick one that suits your needs.

Interior Vs. Exterior Lifts

Scooter or power chair lifts are typically mounted at the back of a vehicle, but they can also be installed on the trunk or the passenger's side. Their placement depends on the car, lift, or mobility device a person owns.


Interior lifts are ideal for vans, trucks, or SUVs since they have plenty of space. They're attached to the floor pan to ensure they stay in place all the time. Placing your mobility devices inside your auto protects them from potential road hazards. That's a big advantage, particularly for those living in areas with severe weather conditions.


Meanwhile, exterior lifts are best for sedans and SUVs that have limited interior spaces. They're attached to the backside of the vehicle, so the auto must have a trailer hitch capable of supporting the weight of mobility devices. With older lift models, you have to secure your power chairs and scooters with ratchet straps and tie-downs. Meanwhile, newer units are easier to lock in place with a built-in mechanism that presses down against your equipment's platform.

Crane, Platform, and Hitch Style

Wheelchair and scooter lifts in Louisiana are also available in a range of styles. You can choose from:


· Mobility Devices for Home & Auto        Crane Style - This lift is installed inside a van, pickup truck, or SUV. It has a crane hook that attaches to a part of the mobility device and a hoist that loads it inside the vehicle. It's easy to use since it's fully automatic, and you can control it with the push of a button. It's best for medium-sized vehicles as it only requires a 30-inch headroom. It can't be attached to the passenger's side, but you can always install it over the truck bed of a pickup or in the trunk of an SUV.

·         Platform Design - These are the most common interior lifts mobility device owners buy. They're installed at the backside of large vehicles, near their door. Their platforms extend outside so you can roll scooters and wheelchairs on and off. People choose this lift because it gives them more independence by allowing them to get on board with little to no assistance. They also don't have to alight from their scooters and power chairs to ride in a vehicle. They simply push a button, wait for the metal base to extend, and then drive their wheelchairs onto the platform.

·         Hitch Type - This is popular among owners of sedans and smaller SUVs because it doesn't take up space. You can also install it on a larger vehicle's rear side and attach it to a trailer hitch receiver. Each unit has a platform with a movable metal base for mounting and dismounting your scooter or wheelchair. This lift is best for those with minor accessibility issues because, unlike with a platform design, you have to get off the mobility device after driving aboard the platform. This is for situations where scooters and wheelchairs must be left outside the vehicle.


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