Top Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Scooter Lift

Scooter Lift for Your Automobile

For those who depend on mobility scooters to maintain independence and a high quality of life, a scooter lift is a device that can open even more doors for the mobility impaired. Simply put, a scooter lift is a device that allows the user to take a mobility scooter into the public on or in one’s vehicle. Therefore, scooter auto lifts are critical mobility tools that can extend the independence of users when properly selected, installed, and deployed.


There are many options for those in the market for a scooter or wheelchair lift, which can be both positive and negative. It’s good that there’s a diversity of models available to meet a wide variety of needs. However, the sheer number of available lifts and accessories can make it difficult to decide which equipment will best suit the individual. Keep reading to learn more about the things you should keep in mind when purchasing a scooter lift for your automobile.


Type of Vehicle You Own

One of the first considerations when selecting a scooter lift is what type of vehicle you own. There are lifts that can store the scooter or wheelchair inside the vehicle, and others that simply lift the scooter and store it outside of the car above the rear bumper for travel. Obviously, these options will be somewhat limited based on the type of vehicle you own. If you own a truck, van, or SUV, you can likely purchase an inside or outside lift. However, if you own a car such as a sedan, there won’t be interior room to accommodate the lift and chair, so your only option will be an outside bumper lift.

Location of Lift

Some vehicles allow multiple entry points for inside lifts, which is another decision that must be considered. For example, many vans have side doors that can allow the scooter to be placed inside the vehicle from the rear hatch or the side door. Think about which location will make for the easier deployment under a variety of parking conditions, then decide which will best fit your needs and your vehicle style.

Weight Restrictions

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The weight that you’ll be asking your scooter lift to heft can vary widely depending on your personal size and the type of chair or scooter you use. Therefore, it’s important to consider the weight capacity and lifting power you will needs to successfully lift the combined weight of you and your scooter. It’s also important to note the weight capacity of your vehicle, as it will be asked to support the weight of you, your scooter, and the lift apparatus.

Type of Lift

Lifts come in multiple types, so think about your mobility limitations and how they could impact your use of the lift. There are manual lifts and power lifts. For those who have the least restrictive mobility issues, a manual lift can do the job at a reduced price point. Manual lifts use tie-down straps for securing the scooter or wheelchair and fold flat against the vehicle when not in use. However, if manipulation of the lift would be difficult, a power lift can do the work for you. Power lifts cost more, but they’re easier to use and take up less space than a traditional manual lift. You must also decide whether you’d prefer an arm lift or platform lift. The arm lift is a rotating arm that swings the scooter or chair up into place for transport. A platform lift, as the name would indicate, features a flat platform that the scooter or chair rolls onto before being lifted off the ground.


If you would benefit from scooter or wheelchair lifts, make sure you consider these points before making a purchase. By thinking about these factors, you can get the right lift for your vehicle, carrying preference, and mobility level. To purchase the right scooter lift for your needs, contact Stairlifts of Louisiana at (504) 715-6658.