Top Reasons to Install a Residential Elevator

Many people have the belief that home elevators are reserved for the extremely wealthy and are more appropriate for a stately mansion than an average multistory home. However, that’s simply not the case. The home elevator has become more common in everyday life as a way of increasing mobility and bolstering the independence of those with mobility restrictions. Elevator companies in Louisiana are installing more residential elevators than ever before because the cost of materials has decreased while technology has improved.


Home elevators for wheelchairs and the mobility impaired are a great way to make multistory homes safer and easily navigable. Even for those who don’t face significant mobility challenges, there are many benefits that you can realize by installing an elevator in your home. Keep reading to learn more about some of those benefits and how they can result in a better quality of life for homeowners.

They’re an Investment in Your Property Value

Residential Elevator Installation in Louisiana

There’s no doubt that, with an aging population emerging, the presence of a home elevator can significantly boost the value of your home and property. A home elevator is an attractive feature for many homebuyers, including those who don’t currently face mobility impairment issues. Buyers who plan to remain in the home for decades may forecast a day when an elevator could help them maintain their independence. More people desire to age in place rather than uprooting themselves in their golden years, and that can make the presence of a home elevator even more desirable.

They Offer Many Safety Benefits

You may not realize it unless you live with mobility restrictions, but the stairs in the average multistory home represent a considerable obstacle. In fact, many people who deal with mobility issues remain on the first story to avoid the danger of climbing the stairs regularly. When movement and maintaining balance are difficult endeavors, ascending or descending stairs can be challenging and can result in falls the result in injury. Therefore, one of the most compelling reasons to install a home elevator is the added safety that an elevator can offer the user.


They’re Convenient and Functional

While many people first consider a home elevator to aid in mobility, it’s also an excellent tool of convenience in any home. Anyone who lives in a multistory home knows just how difficult it can be to move large objects around from floor to floor. Even carrying in groceries up flights of stairs can be arduous. However, an elevator can make these tasks simpler. It can make moving impossibly heavy objects between floors an easy task.

They’re Space Efficient

For those who have trouble navigating stairs, a ramp may seem like a good option for ascending into a home or moving around the house. However, ramps aren’t very space efficient because it takes a lot of square footage to ascend the height of multiple floors. Elevators offer an excellent solution to the square footage quandary because they take up very little space when compared to conventional stairs or ramps. By switching over to a compact home elevator, you can repurpose the square footage once dedicated to stairs and ramps and make better use of it.


Whether you want a compact, concealed elevator indoors to move from one floor to another or an outdoor residential elevator in Louisiana to help you get in and out of your home, residential elevator installation just makes sense. While people with mobility impairment can benefit greatly from elevator installation, there are other benefits that make home elevators advantageous for almost anyone. To learn more about installing a home elevator, contact KN Enterprises at (504) 715-6658.