Tips to Maintain the Elevator at Your Residence

Your home elevator is a lifeline; it keeps you safely connected to every space, everything, and everyone in your home. Having that elevator installed – or purchasing a home with an existing elevator – was one of the most intelligent decisions you’ve ever made.

Since you have a track record of making savvy decisions, then instituting and sustaining a routine maintenance program for your residential elevator is a no-brainer. Elevators are sophisticated mechanical equipment with many moving parts that need to be closely monitored to keep them operating at peak performance.Louisiana Stairlifts

How do smart homeowners keep their elevators running smoothly year after year? To answer that, we’ll discuss the following:
  • What do home elevator services look like?
  • How often are they required?
  • What maintenance tasks can you do between service calls to keep your elevator in tip-top shape?
  • What are the benefits of a regular maintenance program?

What do home elevator services look like?

Elevator technicians from Louisiana Stairlifts perform a thorough inspection of all your system’s critical components at each service call. They’ll come armed with a checklist to guide them through the process, but that list is simply a starting point. If you have any concerns about your elevator and how it’s performing, be sure to raise those issues with your technician so they can be included explicitly in the inspection.

A typical elevator inspection includes a review of the following:
  • Rails
  • Cables
  • Anchors
  • Drive system
  • Emergency controls
  • Gates
  • Door sensors
  • Electrical components
  • Car operation controls

The technician will perform preventive maintenance tasks such as adding lubrication. An additional appointment may be required if more extensive repairs are identified, especially if replacement parts need to be ordered.

Take this opportunity to discuss your elevator with the technician. Ask questions and allow them to share their ideas about keeping your unit operating smoothly.

How often are home elevator services required?

In general, most elevators require annual maintenance at a minimum. Your elevator came equipped with a service schedule that defined recommended service intervals. The best thing you can do for your elevator is following those recommendations faithfully. Today, a small problem can elevate – pun intended—to a big, costly problem if not addressed promptly.

Three factors determine how often your elevator will need service.
  1. The model and type of elevator you have. Some elevators have more moving parts than others, and some have more complicated drive systems, both of which require more frequent attention than simpler models. If you’re in the market for an elevator, it’s essential to discuss the ongoing service requirements with your consultant prior to making your final decision.
  2. Age and heaviness of use. Older elevators or those that are used heavily should be inspected more frequently. You can discuss these specifics with your technician to develop a routine that’s right for your situation.
  3. Service contracts. When you purchase an elevator, it may come with a service contract with a defined number if inspections are included. Or, if you buy a home with an existing elevator, that unit may have a service contract. Take advantage of these pre-paid service visits.
  4. Local laws and regulations. Some localities require that inspections on home elevators be done at specific intervals, and owners are obliged to comply. The team at Louisiana Stairlifts will make sure you’re aware of any regulations that apply.

What are the benefits of a regular maintenance program?

Following a regular maintenance program is the best way to protect your investment and keep your system operating smoothly and safely. A non-working elevator may mean losing access for an indefinite amount of time to critical parts of your home; in the worst cases, a broken elevator may completely preclude your ability to remain at home. Giving your home elevator the care it needs has significant benefits, including the following:
  • Money savings. Regular maintenance is always cheaper over the long term than expensive repairs. Catching problems early is much easier on your budget.
  • Safety. Professional maintenance keeps your elevator operating safely.
  • Security. Regular maintenance helps you feel confident about the condition of your elevator and gives you one less thing to worry about. Best In-Home Stairlifts

What maintenance tasks can you do between service calls to keep your elevator in tip-top shape?

Never DIY an elevator repair; leave that to the professionals. That said, there are several things you can do to take care of your unit, including the following:
  • Keep good records. Log service calls, jot down unusual sounds or other issues and keep a mental tally of average daily usage. All this info will help your technician.
  • Be careful about cleaning. Talk to your technician about the best products and techniques for cleaning your unit.
  • Don’t exceed weight limits. Know the limits of your elevator and stay within them. Exceeding the weight limit even one time can cause problems.
  • Choose Louisiana Stairlifts to provide all your elevator maintenance. We offer comprehensive residential mobility services, including expert maintenance and installation for all types and brands of residential elevators. We provide safe and compliant services and outstanding customer care. We show up on time, answer all your questions, and charge a fair price. What’s smarter than that? Give us a call today, and let us take the best care of your home elevator.