The Many Benefits of Installing Wheelchair Stairlifts at Home

Dependence on a wheelchair makes life challenging. Many public spaces aren’t built to accommodate wheelchairs, which can remove many destinations and activities off the table. But that’s not all; simple things at home, such as getting from the garage into the house or accessing an outdoor deck can be impossible for folks who rely on a wheelchair to get around. While there’s not much one individual can do about increasing the accessibility of public areas, making the home more accessible is possible with the help of a wheelchair lift installation.
  Wheelchair Lift for Home Louisana

Benefits of a Lift

The following are just a few of the many benefits of a wheelchair lift:

  1. Independence. A wheelchair lift gives you your independence. With the help of a lift, you can move about your home without assistance. You can bring groceries from the car into the house, move laundry between floors, and go upstairs for a nap when you want. No more asking for help and no more being stuck on the main level all day.
  2. Safety. Once a lift is installed, the chances of injury for you and your caregivers fall dramatically. Just wheel yourself onto the lift and go.
  3. Interior and Exterior Access. Wheelchairs lifts can be installed inside or out so users can access all of their home.
  4. Save Money. Installing a wheelchair lift costs money, but it’s nothing compared to the alternatives. It’s much more expensive to switch homes, move to an assisted living facility, or pay for caregivers.
  5. Save Time. Without a lift, it might take significant time to struggle up or down a set of stairs with or without help. With a lift, you can move between elevations quickly.
  6. Practicality. Wheelchair lifts don’t just transport people and wheelchairs; they are built to carry significant weight efficiently. That means you can bring laundry, groceries, the vacuum, books, or even your grandchild with you.
  7. Added Value. Homes with mobility solutions are rare but in high demand. The number of home buyers who see a wheelchair lift as an added benefit is growing, which adds value to your home.

Types of Lifts

Different types of lifts are available so you can choose the system that will work best for you.

Vertical Platform lifts

Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) work pretty much the way their name implies; users wheel themselves onto a flat platform which can then be raised or lowered as needed. The platforms are enclosed on the sides and open at the top and move straight up and down. They typically sit beside a staircase and are most often seen in residential garages or outside to assist with elevated deck access. VPLs can be used for minor elevation changes such as entry stairs, or for full-story elevation changes. Some interior VPLs are designed to travel through the floor, like an open elevator.

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts LouisianaAn inclined lift is a platform lift that moves long a straight or curved staircase. The user wheels the chair onto the platform and the platform then travels up or down the stairs on a set of rails.

Is it Time for a Lift?

At Louisiana Stairlifts, lifting is what we do best. We lift our customers any way we can with a full range of lifts. If you’re looking for VPLs, chairlifts, elevators, or wheelchair auto lifts in Louisiana, your first call needs to be Louisiana Stairlifts. Our experienced team offers custom solutions to clients with a variety of mobility challenges. Call us today to discover out how we can help.