The Basics of Buying a Wheelchair Ramp Explained

Don't let stairs or thresholds stand in the way of your mobility. Life in a wheelchair or scooter is challenging enough without the added daily struggle of stairs and thresholds. Installing a wheelchair ramp solves the problem for good. If you're shopping for a wheelchair ramp in New Orleans, LA, here are a few things you need to know:

Choose the Right Type of Ramp

When choosing the right ramp, you need to ask and answer the following questions:

Where do I need a ramp?Wheelchair Ramps for Homes in New Orleans, LA

As you might imagine, ramps come in all varieties. That's great news because it means you can get exactly the ramp or ramps you need to access the important spaces in your life. Ramps are commonly used in the following residential locations:

  • Front and back entries
  • Garage steps
  • Doors with raised thresholds
  • Shower thresholds
  • Sliding doors

How wide does my ramp need to be?

Your ramp needs to be wide enough to safely and easily accommodate your mobility device with space to spare on either side but also narrow enough to fit through any door frames or other structural limitations. Most wheelchair ramps are designed to fit standard doorways, but make sure to measure and check to be certain the ramp will fit comfortably.

How long does my ramp need to be?

The number one reason ramps are returned is that they are not long enough. The general guideline is that you need 1 foot of ramp for every 1 inch of height. A 6-inch step requires a 6-foot ramp; a 12-inch rise requires a 12-foot ramp. This ratio yields a ramp with a slope that is easy to manage for you alone or with your assistant.

That said, it's not always feasible to have a straight ramp extending from the front stairs; often, there's simply not enough space for the length required. Modular ramps with resting platforms allow you to create L-shaped ramps with right or left turns, getting you the gentle slope you need in the space you have available.

Can my ramp be portable?

Yes, suitcase ramps are available that allow you to transport a ramp as needed easily. Be sure to consider the ramp's weight when purchasing to make certain it's feasible to set up and move at will.

Is my ramp weatherproof?

It can be. If your ramp is going to remain outdoors through all types of weather, it's important to choose a ramp that will be safe in rain and snow. These all-weather ramps have features that improve traction and allow water to pass through.

Can I get a short ramp for a threshold?

Threshold ramps are designed to get mobility vehicles over short vertical rises, anywhere from ½" to 6", at doorways and in showers. The most common threshold ramps are solid ramps, rubber wedge ramps, and single fold ramps. These ramps are short, portable, light, and they can easily be installed permanently at doors.

Trust Stairlifts of Louisiana

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