Reasons a Home Elevator Should Be Your Next Buy

Many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve their properties. Whether it be for improved resale value or simply to make the home better suited to their uses, there are countless ways that homeowners can make their homes even better. If you’re wondering what to purchase or what project to take on for your family next, you have many options available to you. But have you considered a home elevator in Louisiana? If not, keep reading to learn why this accessible home upgrade should be at the top of your list.

Residential Elevator Installation in Louisiana

It’s More Affordable than You Think

When you imagine a home with its own elevator, do you picture an extravagant mansion? While these might have been the only homes with private elevators in the past, that’s just not the case anymore. Residential elevators are becoming more affordable for the average homeowner, with some models costing less than $20,000. With prices continuing to drop, it may not be long before residential elevators become as common as granite countertops when it comes to home upgrades.

Make Your Home More Accessible

The senior population in America continues to rise, with over 50 million Americans already over the age of 65. And that number is External link opens in new tab or windowprojected to nearly double by 2060 when it’s predicted that there will be 95 million Americans over 65. This makes accessibility a key concern for many Americans. You can never predict how your mobility will change as you age. Do you really want reduced mobility to be the reason that you can’t stay in your home?

A residential elevator greatly improves the accessibility of multi-story homes for those who have reduced mobility. Whether the future brings a cane, walker, wheelchair, or simply some trouble with stairs, having an elevator in your home provides you with a safe way to get between floors without worry.

Not Just for Seniors

But don’t think for a moment that a residential elevator is just for those who struggle getting up and down the stairs. After all, how often do you take the elevator in commercial buildings? Residential elevators can be a safe way to move heavy loads between floors, carry sleeping children up to their beds, and navigate multiple stories if you experience an injury at any point in your life. Accessibility is important in all stages of life, not just in your golden years.

Improve Your Resale Value

If you’re not planning to stay in your current home forever, you might wonder if it’s really worth making this particular home improvement. Is there any sort of demand for this in the home market, or will you just be sinking your money into an upgrade for our personal use for the next few years? Because home elevators provide greater usability for people in all stages of life, they can actually provide a boost to your home’s resale value, unlike many other home accessibility upgrades, such as stair lifts and walk-in tubs.

According to a report from, a home elevator can increase your home’s property value External link opens in new tab or windowby 10% or more. This can make it an excellent investment for your home that will provide significant ROI when you sell your property.

Installing a residential elevator is a home improvement project that is an investment in your future. While they can be a stylish addition as well, they’re a functional and accessible improvement to your home that will become even more useful to you as the years pass. If you’re considering installing a residential elevator, contact K N Enterprise, LLC, today. We’re one of the top elevator companies in Louisiana, and we’ll answer any questions you may have about installing an elevator in your home. Call now!