How to Choose the Right Van Ramp for Your Wheelchair

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe in their own home regardless of their physical abilities or limitations. Wheelchairs make that possible and help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. That's why a External link opens in new tab or windowwheelchair ramp for a house in Baton Rouge, LA, is so important. Not only are ramps required for front entryways and staircases within the home, but they are also necessary for wheelchair transportation. Choosing the right wheelchair ramp for a van ensures a safe and easy experience whenever someone is leaving their home. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind when deciding which wheelchair ramp is best for your situation.


Typical Transport Type

Wheelchair Ramps for Home and Vans in Baton Rouge, LAWheelchair ramps for home and vans are essential to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Getting a wheelchair into a van is easy with a well-made ramp that makes sense for the vehicle. For example, if you usually use a van with stow-and-go seating, then you need to find a portable track ramp that can be folded up and transported without attaching directly to seats. Vans with permanent seating offer more options for ramps, plus tie-downs can always be used to secure the chair on all four sides to stop it from moving during transport. Something else to think about is how often the van is used, and how feasible each ramp type is. If the ramp would be used multiple times a day, then something simple and quick to operate is a good idea. If the ramp is for occasional van transport, something that's easy to store when not in use may be more of a priority.

Safety and Security

Another key factor in choosing a van ramp is how safe it is to use on a regular basis. Wheelchair ramps must be built for routine use, with the capacity to handle the weight of the chair safely without any damage. If you or your loved one has used a ramp before, and it left a lot to be desired, then you can look for a new ramp that offers greater safety and peace of mind. Self-ratcheting tie-downs and track ramps are tools that can be used for van transport as well. Based on your previous experience and current comfort levels, you can come up with the ramp setup that works best for you and get the professionals to do the rest. Your ramp provider may produce custom ramps to make this an easier transition and ensure all safety standards are met.


Finally, deciding on a wheelchair ramp also requires a discussion of the installation and setup process. It's completely reasonable to expect some support and guidance in setting up your new wheelchair ramp. Ideally, you can find a ramp that suits your specifications and is easy to install and use. When in doubt over your choices, you can trust expert providers of wheelchair ramps to point you in the right direction. This way, you can make the smartest decision on what's safe and easy to operate so you can feel good about your final selection. Proper installation and excellent craftsmanship make all the difference in terms of mobility and transport management.

If you're interested in purchasing a van ramp or External link opens in new tab or windowwheelchair ramps for stairs in Baton Rouge, LA, contact K N Enterprises today to discuss your options.