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Choose the Stair Lift That Suits You

Are you in need of a stair lift? Find what kind of stair lift is best suited for you and your home or facility by consulting our experts at Stairlifts of Louisiana.  Install a stair lift today and you can enjoy the innovative features and functions. We offer a variety of stair lifts such as: Handicare, Acorn 130 and many more. We provide installation, maintenance and repair. Give us a call today at (504)715-6658. We have your stair lift solutions.

Types of Stair Lifts

Stair lifts have two options: straight and curved. The different options depend on your staircase.  Straight stair lifts are for a single flight of stairs that run in a straight line without interruptions from landings, turns or bends. Curved stair lifts are for staircases that have at least one bend and/or travels across a landing. We offer each type inside and outside.

Straight Stair Lifts

Curved Stair Lifts

Designed for Easy Mobility

Whether you require straight or curved stair lifts, inside or outside, Stairlifts of Louisiana is the company to call. We are a registered dealer of state-of-the-art Acorn 130, Handicare  and may more stair lifts designed to enable you easy transport. Let our stair lift mechanics find the right device that will give you the best experience and comfort.

Fast and Reliable Stair Lift Installation Services

Make the lives of your loved ones much easier and more comfortable. When it comes to prompt stair lift installation and repair services, our professional technicians at Stairlifts of Louisiana are the experts and up to the job! We will handle the complete installation, from setting up the stair tracks and rail supports to assembling and mounting the mobile stair lift. Give your loved ones the independence of mobility that they deserve.

Stairlift Repair and Maintenance

If your stair lift isn’t working properly, our mechanics are ready to provide repair and maintenance services. Whether you’re having problems with your equipment’s safety sensors or with the staircase tracks, we are trained and knowledgeable to handle every stair lift problem you might encounter. Prevent damages from worsening and come to us for immediate solutions.

Financing is available to spread your payments out to make it more affordable. Call us today (504) 715-6658 for more information.