Stairlifts of Louisiana is a Proud Veteran-Owned Business.

Louisiana Vertical and Wheelchair Lifts

Providing Excellent Mobility Services Since 2007

Our exceptional team has been serving the Louisiana community for over 10 years, helping people to embrace mobility and freedom in their homes through our stairlift services. You’ll experience exceptional customer service that you can trust when you work with our team to determine the right systems that you need for your home or nursing home space, and we’ll help you with each stage of the installation process so that you feel confident and comfortable in your new stairlift choice.

There are several different types of stairlifts for you to choose from, and, depending on your health or the condition of your home, one lift may be more appropriate than another to help serve you. Our team can help you understand the best lift for the structure of your home and the space that you’re trying to accommodate, whether it’s navigating a set of stairs or trying to make your entire home’s space accessible through a lift system.

Louisiana Vertical and Wheelchair Lifts

We have a vertical platform lift option, wheelchair lifts, and more for you to choose from, depending on your particular mobility needs and concerns. Our wheelchair lifts can help you stay mobile without causing that added worry or concern over being able to transfer yourself from one seat to another, or leaving your wheelchair on one level of your home. Our wheelchair lifts mean that you get to move about from one level of your home or nursing home space with ease, without the added stress or fear of falling or feeling limited by your physical capacity. Stairlifts of Louisiana provides the best vertical and wheelchair lifts, including consultation and installation, to help you feel safe and secure in your lift choice and its capabilities to serve you.

Entrust Your Mobility Needs to Us!

Stairlifts of Louisiana is where quality meets delivery. We help you to ensure that you’re really, truly getting the service and opportunities that you’re looking for in your stairlift system. Our exceptional team works hard to help ensure that you get the tools that you really need, at the right prices. Let us help you navigate the selection and installation process.

If you have questions about pricing or how that works in partnering with your insurance, then please feel free to contact us today to learn more. We can also schedule surveying or installation services for you to get you on track with your ideal of greater home mobility.