Your Options For Wheelchair Accessible Elevators At Home


If you or a loved one are reliant on a wheelchair, almost no other word represents quite as much frustration. Even just one stair can create an insurmountable obstacle. Stairs are often the number one reason individuals with mobility issues cannot continue living in their own homes. Wheelchair ramps for houses in Baton Rouge, LA, are often not workable. Ramps require considerable space for the rise and the platforms at the top and bottom.

Residential elevators are the solution. These electronic devices raise and lower wheelchairs and their passengers with just the touch of a button. There are different elevators for different situations. Let’s take a quick look at the basic options:

Elevators Wheelchair Ramp Rentals Baton Rouge LA

A home elevator transports individuals and their mobility devices between interior floors. Elevators are permanent installations that provide the following benefits:

  • Quick travel time. Elevators are the fastest among the various lift solutions. If you’re traveling up several staircases or making the trip multiple times a day, you’ll appreciate their speed.
  • Variety of drive systems. There are several different types of drive systems that power residential elevators. Talk to the elevator experts at Stairlifts of Louisiana about the various choices and their advantages and disadvantages to see what options will work for your home. The good news is that, because of the many choices available, the likelihood of finding a system that is compatible with your home is high.
  • Custom décor. Residential elevators come in every design aesthetic, from ultra-contemporary to classic and everything in between. You can choose your materials, your doors, your lighting; not only will your elevator be easy to use, but it will reflect your personal style.


Also known as vehicle platform lifts (VPLs), wheelchair lifts are another elevator-type solution for the stairs inside or outside your home. Unlike elevators, lifts can be permanent or temporary installations. Lifts are less complicated overall than elevators, and they run more slowly; thus, they are typically used to overcome smaller elevation changes. Lifts can be open or enclosed. Benefits include the following:

  • Indoor or outdoor options. VPLs are most commonly used outdoors near porches or patios, but many homeowners install them in garages.
  • Quick installation. Lifts are less complicated to operate than elevators and install quickly.
  • Multiple finish options. Platform lifts can be designed to have a minimal visual impact by blending into the exterior of your home.
  • Small footprint. Lifts are an excellent solution for spaces that are too small to accommodate a ramp or where an elevator makes no sense.
  • Cost-effective. Platform lifts are an affordable mobility option for most homeowners.

Hybrids Wheelchair ramps for Sale in Baton Rouge, LA

Hybrid lifts combine elevators and VPL features; a hybrid VPL looks like an elevator but operates like a lift with constant pressure on the call button. Hybrid VPLs include a full-sized car that can be custom decorated to suit any design needs. It features elevator-like controls in the car and at landings. Some manufacturers offer hybrids that utilize a hydraulic engine which increases the potential speed considerably. If you’re looking for an attractive lift that works in a tight space with simple installation, a hybrid lift might be the way to go.

Get Moving

Don’t let stairs prevent anyone from moving comfortably around your home. Stairlifts of Louisiana offers a wide selection of stairlifts, residential elevators, lifts, and wheelchair ramps for sale in Baton Rouge, LA. The versatility of lifts and elevators allows you to find the perfect solution for your home. Call us today for more information about our many mobility solutions. We’re here to get you moving!