Must-Have Features in Wheelchair Platform Lifts

wheelchair lift for home Louisiana Getting around a multi-level home can be difficult if you use a wheelchair. This task is made easier with a External link opens in new tab or windowwheelchair platform lift. Regardless of where your stairs may be, you can easily enter the lift and reach the upper or lower level of the home with this easy-to-use system. When installing something that will be used as frequently as a vertical platform lift, you want to ensure that you are installing the right one. Here are some of the must-have features of the right wheelchair platform lift.

Anti-Slip Floor

The inside of the platform lift will be slightly bigger than the size of your wheelchair. This will allow you to roll in and out of the lift easily. However, this also means that there is room for your wheelchair to slide around as it moves you up or down. While you may activate the brakes of your wheelchair, you may still slide. Quality wheelchair platform lifts feature anti-slip floors. This ensures that you will remain in one place as the lift moves you. The result will be an easy and comfortable experience as you move from one floor to the next.

Self-Closing Door

The door is an important part of a wheelchair platform lift. While being moved from one floor to the next, this door will keep you safe. If you have children or pets around, keeping the lift closed while not using it will ensure their safety. When you enter or exit the lift, you don’t want to have to strain to reach over and open or close the door. A quality wheelchair platform lift features a self-closing door, so you don’t have to make an effort. When you enter or exit the lift, the door will automatically close so that everyone is kept safe.

Push Buttons

If you only have one lift, it will probably be on the floor that you desire. But what if you have multiple lifts in different areas of your home? The lift you attempt to use could be on the wrong floor, making it unusable. The lift you choose for your home should have push buttons that will allow you to call the lift easily. Additionally, these buttons should complete tasks such as opening the door and raising or lowering the lift. With the simple push of a button, you’ll be able to easily and effectively operate the machine.

wheelchair lift for home Louisiana Key Switch

While many wheelchair lifts are installed inside the home, others may be located on the outside of the building. As with anything else that you might have outside, passersby might attempt to use the machine. If they’re not careful, they could end up damaging it. This would be a disaster for someone that relies on the lift to move from floor-to-floor. A quality lift should have a key switch. This will ensure that only authorized people use the lift. Anyone that attempts to use it without the key will be unable, which will keep your lift safe.

Installing a wheelchair platform lift in your home will allow you to easily and effectively move around a multi-level building. There are certain features that are included in quality lifts to make this process easier and protect the lift. Contact Stairlifts of Louisiana if you’re in need of a External link opens in new tab or windowwheelchair lift for a home in Louisiana. Call External link opens in new tab or window(504) 715-6658