Manual Folding Rail vs Power Folding Rail: How to Choose

Walking up and down the staircase might be easy for most people; but, for those with limited mobility, like the elderly and disabled, it's an everyday problem. Stairlifts are designed to solve that.

Stairlifts carry people up and down staircases. They come with a motorized platform or chair so anyone, whether standing, sitting, or in a wheelchair, can navigate between floor levels without any difficulty. Think of it as an escalator made for houses.


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Are you planning to install a new External link opens in new tab or windowstairlift chair in Louisiana? When buying, one thing you have to consider is the type of folding rail. This is the part of the equipment that ends on the floor, allowing for the chair or platform to land on the ground.


For this, retailers offer two options: manual and power. Both have their distinct benefits, and by learning what these are, you'll have a better idea of which is most suited for your needs. To help you out, here's what you need to know.

Manual Folding Rails


Because rails usually end in high traffic areas, folding them helps prevent people from tripping. Plus, the user can maximize the space and minimize the visual clutter inside their home.

They're located at the ends of the stairlifts. They have a handle that triggers the rail to fold in or out when someone is traveling between floors.

Here's how they work: these rails are folded in as a default. But, when the stairlift chair or platform is moving to either end of a staircase, someone can pull the handle to fold them out. As a result, the one using it can land safely on their desired floor. And, when the user is going back up or down, they can retract the folding rail once their chair or platform has left the area.

Manual folding rails are ideal for users who have other people living with them at home. This way, their family member, friend, or caregiver can assist them by folding the rail in or out.

Their main advantage is their cost-benefit. They're much less expensive than power folding rails; in fact, you can find units at half the price of their counterpart.

Power Folding Rails

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Rather than pulling a handle to fold the end of the rail, this one has a motor that does the job instead.


The chair stops when it reaches the part that folds in or out. Then, the latter opens up automatically so the user can travel between floors without any manual assistance. The unfolded end remains in that state; but, once the chair or platform leaves the area, it folds back to its default position.


The power folding rail has benefits, as well. Since it doesn't need the assistance of another individual, the stairlift can be used by people who live independently. This makes it more user-friendly because all the person has to do is sit on the chair or stand on the platform; everything else is done by the equipment.


These are the differences between the power and manual folding rail. The latter is less expensive and ideal for those who have someone who can help them. Meanwhile, the former is better for those who prefer to live independently and want convenience. Head over to Stairlifts of Louisiana to learn more about this topic or to look at the selections of new External link opens in new tab or windowstairlifts in New Orleans.