How Can Stairlifts Increase Safety

For many folks, stairs are a challenge. Obviously, people with mobility problems struggle with the stairs, but stairs are actually hazardous for many people regardless of their mobility. Consider the following:

Balance. Traveling up and down the stairs is difficult and dangerous for people who have poor balance.

Strength and coordination. Using the stairs safely takes a lot of both.

Vision. Individuals with impaired vision or depth perception experience difficulties using stairs safely.


There are many, many reasons why a home staircase can be challenging. Making a living in a multilevel home is hard for many people. Falling on the stairs is a common cause of injury, especially among seniors. And yet millions of Americans living in homes with stairs risk their safety multiple times a day to get to the spaces and things they need in their own homes. Straight Stairlifts


What’s the solution? Moving to a single-level home is certainly one option. But the supply of single-level homes is low, and moving is also undesirable for many other reasons, including cost and lifestyle. A stairlift may be the answer for individuals who wish to remain in their multi-story home, have independent access to their entire home, and reduce their risk of injury.


What is a Stairlift?

A stairlift is a simple system that moves the user between floors on a mechanized seat that travels along rails or tracks. The following are essential features of stairlift systems:


Easy Installation

The tracks for the stairlift are mounted to the treads of the stairs. Since stair treads are already strong and stable, no additional construction or reinforcement is required. The supports for the tracks are screwed directly into the stairs and not into the walls. Not only does this eliminate construction, but it also minimizes the impact on the home should the lift ever be removed. The holes in the stair treads are small, not visible through the carpet, and easily filled with other materials. Most stairlift systems can be installed in the morning or afternoon.


Flexible Design

Stairlifts can be installed in almost any staircase. They require very little clearance – around two feet for some models—so they can be installed in even the narrowest staircases. They also work for any configuration of stairs as the tracks can easily be custom-made. External link opens in new tab or windowStraight stairlifts are the simplest option; the tracks are straight and are installed on stairs that move between two floors in a straight line with no curves or landings. External link opens in new tab or windowCurved stairlift installation is equally straightforward, though the tracks need to be custom-made to accommodate the exact shape and design of the stairs. If your stairs have landings, fans, or curves, your tracks will also need to curve to allow the chair to travel smoothly along the entire path. The custom design will cost more money, and the lead time will be longer, but the benefits are enormous.


Battery Backup

Stairlifts operate via battery backup, so you never have to worry about getting trapped. The unit plugs into a standard home outlet and charges automatically.


What are the Safety Benefits?

A stairlift is an essential device for any multilevel home where safety on the stairs is a significant concern. With the help of a stairlift, seniors can move easily throughout their homes independently without risking a devastating fall. They simply sit in the comfortable chair, buckle the seatbelt, and go using toggle controls to control the movement. Users can call the chair to their location using a remote control and even use the chair to transport items such as books or maybe even a laundry basket if properly secured. Curved Stairlifts Installation


Other safety benefits include the following:

● Battery backup that allows the lift to function even if the power is out.

● Obstacle detection will stop the chair safely if an obstacle is detected on the tracks.

● Safe braking gives the user complete control of the movement of the chair and an emergency stop button within reach just in case.

● Swivel seats allow the user to mount and dismount the chair comfortably away from the stairs for complete control. They also swivel out of the way, so the chair never blocks the path of the stairs.

● Seatbelts for security when riding.

● Footrests with texture and grip enhance comfort, keep the feet tucked safely away while moving, and provide assistance when sitting and rising.


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