Facts about Residential Stairlifts

stair lift installation new orleans For those with impaired mobility, stairs in the home can represent a formidable daily challenge. They are difficult, if not dangerous, to negotiate when you don’t have full range of motion or balance, which can lead to falls and subsequent injuries. Residential stair lifts represent a useful accessibility feature for those who are mobility impaired and would otherwise lose their independent living arrangements. Stair lift installation can easily be done by trained professionals, thus providing the homeowner with safe passage between floors in the home.

A stair lift is simply a track-mounted seat with a drive mechanism that allows users to safely move from one level of the home to another without navigating a staircase. Though stair lifts can provide an improvement in the quality of life among the mobility impaired, there are some other facts you should know prior to moving forward with stairlift installation in New Orleans. For example, factors such as cost, stair lift design, stair rail installation, and ease of use are all important things to consider when deciding to install a stair lift. Keep reading to learn more about what facts you should know when considering the installation of a stair lift.


The tracks of a stair lift are the backbone of the entire system, as they are charged with transporting the lift chair up and down the stairs. They are the single most important component of the system when estimating cost, as there are numerous styles of tracks. Tracks can be modified to match the type of staircase or structural considerations in your home, but those amendments may come at an additional cost. Straight tracks are the most affordable because they are usually mass produced and are easier to install. Curved tracks may be required if you don’t have a standard straight staircase, and they usually must be made to order to get a custom fit with your home. They also require a deft hand during installation, meaning the costs may be higher to put such stair lifts in. Finally, there are outdoor stair lifts made to weather the elements while remaining in reliable working condition. These represent the most expensive stair lifts, whether they are straight or curved.

stair lift installation new orleans Seats

The seats used with your stair lift will determine your level of comfort in moving freely between the levels of your home. The controls for your stair lift will also be located on the seat, so it’s important to understand your options when it comes to all facets of the stair lift seat. Stair lift speed is governed by regulations that keeps it at a safe maximum speed. That can prevent accidents or abuse of the lift. Most chairs have a motor mechanism that works in tandem with a chain to move the lift up and down the track. The drive may involve a worm gear or a rack-and-pinion gear. Seats can come in a variety of forms, including swivel seats, angled seats, seats with open sides, seats with armrests, seats with footrests, and collapsible seats.

Safety Features

Because the stair lift itself is designed to safely move passengers from one level to another, it includes some key safety features that can help prevent accidents. For example, every chair has a seat belt or restraint system that ensures passengers remain firmly seated in the chair while it is moving. Some also have sensors that can detect obstacles on the track that may impede progress or cause problems. For example, a chair may cease moving if a pet is obstructing the path of the chair. If you have children in the home, there are even models that feature key locks that prevent the chair from being used without authorization.

If you have trouble navigating the staircase of your home safely, you may benefit from a residential stair lift. Before installing a stair lift, make sure you understand the basic concepts and what you’ll need to know before deciding what kind of lift to install. To learn more facts about investing in a stairlift, contact Stairlifts of Louisiana at (504) 715-6658.