Common Misconceptions about Stairlifts

For those who live with mobility impairment, the threat of lost independence is quite real. Transcending multistory homes with any type of mobility impairment can be more than just inconvenient. In fact, it can be quite dangerous. However, thanks to technology, more mobility-impaired Americans than ever before are remaining in the home. Mobility aids, such as External link opens in new tab or windowstairlifts in New Orleans, can make travel to upper stories safer and more comfortable for those who struggle with mobility, thus prolonging independence for many who would otherwise need to seek other living options.

Woman going upstairs on stairlift While stairlift installation can be a simple and straightforward affair with the help of a professional stairlift service, some who would benefit from the technology resist using it due to common misconceptions that surround stairlifts. Many people think that stairlifts are only for senior citizens, that they’re too expensive, or that they aren’t appropriate for every type of staircase. However, these myths are easily debunked with a little knowledge. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the common misconceptions surrounding stairlifts and how those myths can be overcome.

Misconception 1: Stairlifts Are Too Expensive

In a bygone era, stairlifts were associated with mansions and aging Hollywood starlets. As a result, many people developed a perception that stairlifts were reserved for the most opulent homes and their wealthy occupants. However, stairlift installation and operation isn’t nearly as expensive as you may think it is. Vastly improved mechanisms and technology make stairlifts affordable for a larger segment of the population than ever before. While prices will vary significantly based on features, size, and type of stairlift, there are many options that allow for those who live with impaired mobility to install a stairlift in the home.

Misconception 2: They’re Only for Seniors

Mobility impairment doesn’t just impact senior citizens, though it may be true that it’s an issue for a larger segment of the senior population than other age groups. For that reason, stairlifts are sometimes associated with the elderly, which can create a mental stumbling block for younger people living with mobility impairments. Anyone with any injury or condition that can make ascending or descending stairs dangerous or painful is a viable candidate for a stairlift. They aren’t just for senior citizens; they can be beneficial to anyone with mobility impairment regardless of age.

Stairlift chair for curved staircase Misconception 3: Stairlifts Can’t Be Installed in Every Home

Some people never investigate the possibility of a stairlift because they think that they don’t have room to accommodate one. However, stairlifts can usually be incorporated directly into the existing footprint of the staircase, which means they won’t take up any more room than the staircase itself. Also, some people assume that stairlifts can only be used on straight staircases. Again, that’s a misconception. There are both straight and curved stairlift rail components that can be used to create a stairlift solution for almost any home. There are even staircases designed especially for outdoor use that can withstand the elements and provide easy access to the home.

Misconception 4: A Stairlift Will Damage the Walls

Many people mistakenly believe that they must have especially strong walls to support the weight of a stairlift, or they assume that the installation of a stairlift could cause damage to the walls. However, this misconception is easily debunked by the fact that stairlifts aren’t attached to the walls at all. They’re attached to the stairs themselves, so the wall strength is immaterial. There will be no damage to the walls because no part of the stairlift is attached to them. There may be minor evidence of stairlift installation on the stairs, but it can easily be obscured or remediated if the stairlift is ever removed.

If you live with mobility impairment and the challenges it can create in a multistory home, consider installing a stairlift for convenience and safety. Though there are many misconception regarding stairlifts, many of them can easily be debunked with a little research. To learn more about stairlifts, contact Stairlifts of Louisiana at (504) 715-6658.