A Consumer's Guide To Stairlifts

A Consumer's Guide To Stairlifts

Stairlifts provide a safe, smooth, quiet, ride upstairs and down. Whether you need a straight chair lift or a custom curved lift designed to fit your home, Louisiana Stairlifts has you covered. Here’s how stairlifts keep you moving:

Straight Lifts:

Straight stairlifts move you up and down a single, straight flight of stairs without landings, turns, or bends.

Curved Lifts:

Curved stair lifts move you up and down virtually any staircase, even ones with curves, multiple landings, multiple stories, or no clear landing at either end.

Quick Facts:

  • Rails are mounted onto the stair treads, not the walls.
  • Chair lifts won’t impede other traffic on the stairs.
  • Stair lifts are battery powered so you’ll never get stuck upstairs or down.