What You Need to Know about Ceiling Lifts

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A ceiling lift is an amazing tool that can be used to transport patients. It is commonly used in hospitals to prevent back injuries from having to manually sit up, lift, or transport patients with mobility issues. Ceiling lifts, like stair lifts, also prevent fall injuries to the individual with mobility problems. The companies that offer stairway lifts in New Orleans also offer ceiling lifts so that you can provide a high level of care to elderly and disabled patients.

Here is some helpful information on ceiling lifts and what they can offer to your patient care facility:

  • Choosing to install ceiling lifts in your facility is an investment in your employees, as nurses and technicians can become injured while trying to lift and move patients with limited mobility.
  • The Safe Handling Program is a nationwide effort to spread the word about the benefits of using ceiling lifts. They have information on some of the many ways facilities can benefit from their use.
  • Ceiling lifts are comprised of flexible attachments and a secure line that connects to the ceiling. A curved or direct track will be installed on the ceiling, along which patients can easily be transported.
  • Ceiling lifts are typically used to help patients sit up, move between patient beds and upright chairs, and can even help patients reach the restroom.
  • The movements of ceiling lifts, like those of a stair lift chair, are designed to be smooth, without harsh jerking or tilting. This benefits patients with chronic pain or that are recovering from injuries or surgical procedures.
  • There are 2 distinct types of lifts: fixed motors and portable motors. The fixed motors have easy-to-use trolleys and have more compliance, whereas portable motors are cheaper and more compact.
  • Lifts can also increase staff productivity, as they streamline patient care needs and cut down on the amount of staff needed to move patients.

If you want more information about installing ceiling lifts or External link opens in new tab or windowstairway lifts in New Orleans, you can find a lift specialist company near you who can help connect you with the products you need to improve your healthcare facility.