Get Peace of Mind with a Stairlift

Professional Stairlift Installers

When you have health issues or difficulty with mobility, your home can feel like a minefield for potential falls and injuries. While minor trips and falls may not cause you alarm, a sudden fall in your bathroom or down your stairs may raise red flags, signaling it’s time to make changes to your home. If climbing up the stairs leaves you winded and the thought of stepping down them worries you, then consider stairlift installation in New Orleans as a solution.

Mobility Problems

We have observed that seniors and other adults who struggle with mobility issues are frequently forced to either relocate or remodel their homes. In order to avoid using their stairs, these individuals have to pay for a costly redesign of their rooms or houses, or they have to search for a new ground level home in another location. Stairlifts are a less-costly solution to this problem. Rather than eliminating the stairs in your home with a remodel, installing a stairlift through professional stairlift installers allows you to keep your home as it is while still adding the mobility features you need.

The Stairlift Solution

By installing a stairlift, you can maintain your independence. Often seniors who have to move out of their homes due to mobility problems then have to move into an assisted living facility or care home. Most seniors would prefer to age independently at home rather than relying on a nurse or caregiver to meet their needs. We find that seniors who add safety features like a stairlift to their homes are able to maintain their independence longer than those who do not take these precautions. If you struggle to climb up your stairs but you are otherwise in good health, consider stairlift installation in New Orleans to help you stay independent.

Stairlift Installation in New Orleans

As you age, your bones, joints, and muscles can lose their strength and vigor. Tasks that were once simple may turn into a struggle, exhausting your strength and energy. In the past, cooking a meal or climbing the stairs may not have seemed like significant tasks, but now those same activities may leave you drained or even winded. While this aging process is natural, that doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating, and a stairlift can help. Using a stairlift allows you to conserve your energy. Instead of pausing for breath at the top of your stairs, with a stairlift you can quickly pick yourself up and continue with the rest of your activities. For those who use canes or walkers or who struggle with balance or physical activity, a stairlift can help rest your joints and muscles and remove the health risk of climbing stairs.

Stairs can feel like mountain peaks to those who struggle with mobility issues, and when this is the case, you may feel anxious, stressed, or fearful when you approach the stairs each day. You may even catch yourself avoiding certain tasks that require you to change floors in your home. This fear and anxiety shouldn’t be a normal part of your life. You should feel safe at home, and installing a stairlift is a simple way to achieve that. With a stairlift, you can gain peace of mind knowing that you are safe within your own home.