Everything You Need to Know about Acorn's Stair Lift Warranty

Acorn stair lift in New Orleans

When someone purchases a stair lift, it's a big investment in both a product and a way of life. The product is a machine that has parts that work together to create a safe system for moving a person up treacherous stairs more easily. The way of life component is how having a stair lift changes your life. If you have mobility issues, this creates a better day-to-day experience around the house. The system and how it benefits people need to be guaranteed in order to give a purchaser confidence and recourse if anything doesn't work the way it should. Acorn's warranties give valued customers a sense of security and peace of mind about a significant purchase in their life. In this post, we'll tell you how purchasing an Acorn stair lift in New Orleans is protected by warranty and what that means.

Why You Need a Warranty

Just like a car, a stair lift is comprised of several interlocked parts that are difficult for someone to fix unless they have been trained by the manufacturer. The machine is complicated and the average person won't be able to easily identify the reason behind an unlikely malfunction. Car mechanics usually specialize in a certain make because the differences are pronounced enough for them to only be expert in a few types of cars. Stair lifts require a gear box, a motor, an electrical system, and sometimes a battery. You won't want to have to track down a mechanic if your system breaks, especially because lifts are so critical to everyday activities. Because our stair lifts come with a manufacturer's warranty that guarantees the parts and labor in the first year, you won't have to worry about getting a defective product or one that will require expensive and time-consuming repairs. 

Acorn's Stair Lift Warranty

Different Components of a Stair Lift Warranty

An  Acorn warranty ensures the components of the stair lift do not come with defects. The warranty covers the most vulnerable part of the stair lift's life: the first year. Because the product is so hardy, as long as it was created standard and works without any hitches for the first year, it will then run perfectly for many years into the future. Because these are household machines, as long as they are used correctly, they will not sustain much wear and tear and will have no reason to break down. Because the warranty covers the first year, you can be confident that your product will be up to international industry and company standards.  

If a stair lift does have problems, technicians inspect it and replace any parts that have issues. The best part of the warranty is that it helps customers feel that they are family and will be taken care of in the event of any malfunctions in their system. Even if you purchase a custom stair lift, you will be entitled to get specific help rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Each stair lift is unique and the warranty protects each product. We welcome detailed questions about our machines and can give you the support you need to install and maintain your stair lift for years to come.