6 Ways to Senior Proof Your Home and Car

Man Collapsed on FloorApproximately 90 percent of seniors want to remain at home, but this means they're at risk of falls. There are measures you can take to make it a more safe environment. Here are six ways to senior proof your home and car.

Make Sure Floors Are Safe

Avoid slippery floors by inspecting each room. Tape down rugs or throw out carpets that are buckling. It’s important to clear away clutter that could potentially cause a fall such as phone cords or electrical wires. Place non-slip mats in spaces that are likely to get wet, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. On the outside, ensure that the driveways are even and smooth.

Implement a Fire Prevention System in the Kitchen

Age-related conditions such as dementia can cause seniors to become forgetful. To avoid dangers in the kitchen, there are a number of solutions. You can consider using temperature-controlled cookware which is developed to maintain a temperature below the auto-ignition point of cooking oil. Another solution is using systems that turn off ovens and stoves automatically. If cooking is too challenging, then the best option is to avoid cooking altogether.

Add Brighter Lights

Avoid falls by examining the lights in your elderly loved one’s home. Dim lighting can lead to serious falls, particularly if the eyesight is not too good. Place night lights in the hallways, bathrooms, and stairwells. Check for places where it may be difficult to see. You may want to consider placing battery-powered motion sensor lights in the closets and pantries. These lights run on automatically and turn off after 20 seconds. You can also add more lights by using wireless LED stair lights. These lights detect motion and generate a well-lit path.

Install a Medical Response System

Medical alert systems have evolved over the years. Now, these systems are equipped with GPS technology and some have fall-detection technology. If your elderly loved one experiences a medical emergency, a call is triggered automatically. A medical alert system is ideal for seniors who live by themselves.

Fall-Proof the Bathroom

Falls that occur in the bathroom are common at night. There are ways that you can improve safety in the bathroom. Grab bars and handrails are the most common safety devices on the market. You may also want to consider adding a high-rise toilet. Additionally, put in a shower chair and hand-held shower heads.

Scooter Lifts and Vehicle Lifts

Scooter lifts in Louisiana are easy to install and flexible. They have great safety features and can be customized to fit your elderly loved one’s specific needs. Inclined wheelchair lifts are developed to fit stairways that turn with intermediate landings. Your loved one may want to do things outside of the home such as shopping, doctor’s appointments, and other activities. Vehicle lifts in Louisiana create platforms that make it easy to transport a power chair. The lifts raise the wheelchair off the ground with a push of a button.

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